Lights Control

Simply control the intensity of your lights and have the ability to set up away-from-home functions that improve security. Never return to a dark home again or worry if you left the kitchen lights on.

Indoor Temperature Control

Adjust the temperature in your home just in time for your arrival while saving money on utility bills by keeping appliances turned off when no one is home.

Door & Curtain Control

Our application can replace your keys – yes, those ones that you keep misplacing. Curtain adjustments can now be scheduled or made from the comfort of your own bed. Good morning!

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Smart Control

Now you can remotely control all electrical devices within your home regardless of where you are in the world.

Our safety feature will send you notifications regarding possible electrical concerns helping you avoid any dangerous situations.

Security While Away from Home

With our included away-from-home feature, we offer the ability to set up programs based on your behavior to simulate a presence in the house even if you happen to be hours away from home.

Eliminate the stress of an empty house when planning your next vacation.

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