Provide your guests with simple access to taxi, car transfer, limousine or valet service directly from their personal mobile device or in-room tablet.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Provide your gests with information pertaining to housekeeping schedules and offer them the opportunity to easily request cleaning and maintenance services.


Reserving a table in the hotel’s restaurant or offering in-room dining can now all be done with minimal effort.

Shopping List

Share the property store promotions with your guests and create a wonderful shopping experience complete with in-room delivery of the purchased items.

Personal Assistance

All special requests and concerns can now be handled more efficiently insuring fast and accurate responses.

Health & Spa

Inform guests about fitness facility schedules, latest spa promotions and offer them a simple appointment scheduling tool for pool and massage sessions.

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Quick Access to Property Facilities

Each owner can tailor the list of services provided to residents based on the available facilities.

Each resident or tenant can book any of the available services and receive an immediate confirmation.

Unique Living Experience

Daily maintenance and services are no longer a burden for your residents who now enjoy the benefits of having a smart property assistant.

Use our products to increase your share of the market by further improving your property’s’ upscale image while also creating a unique experience for your guest that is sure to impress.

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