Your Virtual Host

With Doorie™ you can have now a better view of your restaurant activity, from customers preferences to order handling.


Menu Selection

With Doorie™ you can easily display your restaurant menu on the tablet, present chef specialty and notify clients about daily recommendations .


Orders Handling

Clients can now place their own orders directly on the Doorie app and get notified about the status of their food preparation and their table check.

Your Restaurant Virtual Host

Wth Doorie™ Virtual Host you can create a unique dining experience for you clients. Once installed on a tablet and placed on each table, customers can easily navigate thorugh it and easily discover all the restaurants offerings.

From restaurants promotions, events to chef recommendations and special daily menu, everything can be easily displayed by using Doorie. For more intimate dining experiences, Doorie can be used to take orders, displaying the menu in different languages, with photos and meal explanations, transmitting orders, displaying statuses and even the table check. Doorie allows you to handle quickly and privately special requests, get direct feedback and keep in touch with clients even after they left the restaurant.

Doorie can easily remember customer preferences and help you make the next dining experience a memorable one.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Menu display with explanations
  • Highlight recommendations
  • Customer assistance
  • Table check visualization
  • Feedback
  • Order processing & status
  • Remember client preferences
  • Handle special requests
  • Analytics and reports

Return of Investment

Customer Satisfaction90%
Better Management80%
Easier Ordering70%
Menu Understanding80%
Feedback Handling70%

Menu Display

The Doorie™ tablet app allows for an easier display of the menu, food courses explanations, food pictures and even daily chef recommendations.


Customers can easily select the language for menu display and understand better the food courses from the available pictures and explanations.

Order Placing

One can easy place an order in a few single steps by selecting food course items and providing additional special requests.

Order Handling

All orders are transmitted directly to the restaurant kitchen web application and processed by the staff. An order status can be easily transmitted to each table on request.

Analytics and Reporting

One can have an overall view of all restaurant activities, from client behavior, preferences, order handling to customer feedback and levels of satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

One can easily process all customer feedback and suggestions. Special recommendations can be further made for returning customers.