Upscale Property Management

Doorie™ Property Assistant is an A.I. based app designed to simplify property management by allowing easier communication with residents or tenants, detailed reporting and a clear overview over all property activities.


Efficient Communication

Doorie™ Property Assistant allows for an easier contact with residents and tenants, planning, bill checking and messaging. Alerts and notifications can be easily exchanged between owners and tenants and problems can be addressed in a matter of minutes through the mobile app.


Innovative Experience

Doorie™ Property Assistant was designed as a powerful marketing tool allowing to offer a unique experience to residents and tenants and advertise property services and events.

Multi-Platform Native App

Doorie™ comes available as a tablet and smartphone app with a web console for admin management. We offer full support for iOS and Android devices.

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Refined Design

A well-defined design for an easy use and an upscale experience.

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Doorie™ content can be separately managed from the admin interface. One can easily add or remove services or include extra features.

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On the Fly Updates

Once installed on a mobile device, the app can be easily updated on the fly and new features can be added directly from the admin interface.

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Specially Fit For Tablets

Doorie™ can be installed on locked tablets in each apartment and optionally controlled using the mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

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Personalized Touch

Doorie™ can be adapted to match the design scheme of your residential assemble. Property logo can be added and a different naming can be used if requested.

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Services Menu

We offer a broad selection of service options, which can be easily set up and accessed from the app menu.


One can sync mobile phone calendars with the Doorie App and receive notifications while at home or on the go.


On request, Doorie™ can offer the possibility to control lights and indoor temperature. The Smart Home package comes with several sensors which must be placed inside the apartment.

Personalized LOOK&FEEL

One can select Doorie homepage and menu background image from the included templates collection.


Doorie™ can be used to send personalized messages and notifications directly to other users of the app. Several standard message and add templates come included in the app UI.


All service requests are handled by administrators on an intuitive web interface, which additionally offers detailed reports and analytics.