Office Spaces Management

With Doorie™ Property Assistant you can easily keep close control of your rented office spaces, contact renters and view payment statuses.


Office Rooms Scheduling

Doorie™ allows an easier availability verification and planning for office meeting rooms and hardware resources.


Service Offerings

Provide an easier access for all employees to office building facilities like event spaces, ordering food, valet parking, access to gym etc.

Your Office Building Assistant

Doorie™ Property Assistant enables a quick and efficient management of any office building even from hundreds of kilometers away.

One can easily have a fast and reliable overview about all activities within the office building, detailed data reports and analytics. With Doorie, owners and managers can easily stay in touch with the building tenants, communicating and solving their requests within minutes. With the help of the smart metering module, one can have a complete reporting over utilities consumption for a better monitoring and billing.

The application offers many benefits to office tenants as well, from an easy and efficient management of office spaces, better use of the services and facilities offered and a quick communication.

  • Building Spaces Management
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Billing Control
  • Efficient Communication
  • Requests Handling
  • Services Selections
  • Facilities Use
  • Activities Overview
  • Resources Planning
  • Data Reports and Analytics

Return of Investment

Tenants Satisfaction 90%
Activities Control80%
Meetings Scheduling70%
Offices Organization80%
Resources Handling70%


Doorie comes with an efficient requests handling process, which allows a better and faster management of tenants demands and their resolving statuses.


This separate functionality allows for an efficient tracking of gas, water and electric energy consumption, which are further transmitted to building managers for monitoring and billing.


The application allows for an easier management of different building spaces like conference rooms, events halls, recreational areas, specific offices, offering a clear overview and control over the activities within them.


The applications comes with various design and background templates options for a seamless integration within the overall interior style.


Doorie™ can be used to send personalized messages and notifications to the building tenants or specific groups of employees. Several standard message and notifications templates come included in the app UI.


Allow tenants and employees to easily get to know, access and use all services and facilities offered by the office building .