Rented Spaces Management

Doorie™ Property Assistant enables a more efficient control over all rented spaces and a quick overview of the within activities with detailed reports made available right at the fingertips of building managers and owners.


Facilities Verification

With Doorie™ Property Assistant one can easily control facilities usage, electricity consumption for lower costs, better maintenance and improved utilities life cycles.


Seamless Control

Verify buildings related data and activities from a single place and always have quick access to any information even from hundreds of kilometers aways.

Your Industrial Building Assistant

Doorie™ Property Assistant is the perfect solution for building automation enabling (aici era un spatiu in plus) a centralized control over every facility use, water, gas and electricity consumption, with quick notifications about any irregularities and malfunctions.

Create a unique and comfortable experience for your tenants, an efficient operation over building spaces and utilities, costs reductions and reduced consumption.

One can easily monitor and control devices uses, lighting, temperature and safety, handle tenants special requests and billing information from a single intuitive console.

By the use of our app, every tenant will get immediate access to the services offered within the building and an easy way of communicating its requests and desires to managers and owners, which at their turn can inform and notify tenants about any changes, maintenance work, problems, events or news of interest.

With its reporting and analytics capabilities, our application is the perfect marketing tool, improving customer satisfaction, but also helping managers get a better overview for future planning.

  • Building Automation
  • Centralized Control
  • Improved Comfort
  • Lower Consumption
  • Longer Life Cycle for Utilities
  • Efficient Management
  • Easy Communication
  • Requests Handling
  • Service Offerings
  • Better Experience for Tenants

Return of Investment

Customer Satisfaction90%
Rent Control 80%
Utilities Handling70%
Facilities Verification80%
Costs Saving70%


This separate functionality allows for an efficient tracking of gas, water and electric energy consumption data, which is further transmitted to building managers for monitoring and billing.

Smart Control

On request, Doorie™ can offer the possibility to control lights and indoor temperature for a more efficient cost control, energy consumption and an improved life cycle of utilities.


The application allows for a quick and efficient verification of consumption parameters and services offered to tenants, which can be easier added further to the billing system.

Content Selection

One can easily decide upon what type of services and facility control to make available for the building tenants, use of specific modules and make special requests for personalized options.


Doorie™ can be used to send personalized messages and notifications to the building tenants or specific groups of people. Several standard message and notifications templates come included in the app UI.

Web Admin Panel

The highly intuitive design of the administrative panel allows for an easy and efficient control over requests, facilities and quick access to data reports and analytics .