Patient Data Cloud

Keep all your patient medical information stored safely into your private cloud.



Trace medical status and treatment process for each patient and notify relatives about any changes in the medical condition.



Provide quickly indications about treatment administration and diet restrictions to both patient and nurses.

Doorie™ Patient Assistant

With Doorie™ Patient Assistant one can closely track the evolution of a patient. By installing the app on a tablet attached to the patient bed, one can easily check his or her medical record, current treatment, progress and medical status.

Doctors can provide clear indications to both nurses and patient and be notified by any change in the medical condition. Patients have easy access to the clinic facilities and can be easily informed about specific diet recommandations and schedule private recovery procedures.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Complete medical record
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Treatment indications
  • Clear instructions
  • Bill checking
  • Diet restrictions
  • Access to the clinic facilities
  • Book recovery session
  • Food ordering
  • Online hospital shop access
  • Costs visualization

Return of Investment

Patient Satisfaction90%
Better Patient Care80%
Improved Management70%
Improved Communication80%
Better Data Handling70%

Patient Record

Keep all the patient medical records in one place with easy access for hospital personnel.

Diet Restrictions

Inform the patient about any diet restriction and allow food ordering based on the specific imposed diet.

Treatment Indications

Provide clear treatment instructions, warnings and notify doctors about any change in the medical condition.

Easier communication

Keep a close contact with the patient, nurses and doctors and inform the family about any new status in the medical progress of the patient.

Access to facilities

Allow the patient to easily access all services offered by the hospital, including food ordering, book recovery sessions, massages or specific interventions.

Web administrative interface

Provide a quick overview and control for each patient medical condition and send easy notifications to doctors, assistants and family about payment or insurance aspects.