The Smart Way of Living...

Innovpad Ltd. is a company founded with one goal in mind and that is to change forever the way we use living spaces. Although surrounded by technology, nowadays there is an emerging need for centralized control. Thousands of apps and software solutions promise us to help relief the stress of dealing with daily chores, but most of the time, they prove ineffective and from a thing that is intended to help our daily lives, they make it even more overwhelming.

With our products and technology we want to address all these issues and bring a fresh change to the way in which people deal with the management of their spaces, whether private properties, residential assembles, hotels or even offices and industrial places.

We want to introduce the new concept of Innovspaces™ and emphasize its benefits. The concept refers to any living or working space in which smart home technology and artificial intelligent based principles are integrated and combined with service provision to ease the tasks of its residents and owners. “As a dedicated researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence and with an experience of over 10 years in the IT field, my focus was to find a way to combine these worlds in one product which might impact in a positive way our daily lives, build bridges between communities, contribute to the safety of our homes, of our families and friends, ” says I. B., company’s cofounder.

Automation of services and of daily routine activities is another target of our company. With our products, we want to take some of the responsibilities and daily chores of people and automate those processes, learn from their behavior and help them gain more precious time.

Our applications are perfectly suited for property management tasks as well by providing an easy method for communicating with property tenants and residents, while offering a seamless control over their activities.

The data provided by our software products are interpreted and detailed reports and analytics are offered, which can be further used to improve the quality of services offered, increase the level of satisfaction for the beneficiaries, improve the property image, but also in developing future marketing and sales strategies. “Working with the concept of Big Data and dealing with software for over 8 years, I wanted to be part of a project which allows us to not only play with different code and algorithms, but to orchestrate data such that it can provide constructive results for people and bring value to the simplest activities”, says I. B. one of the company co-founders.


We want to present people the concept of Innovspaces™, show them the benefits of smart controlled spaces, which can impact in a positive way our daily lives and activities.


We want to show that the otherwise overwhelming task of managing properties and making sure that all things are under control can be done effortless, while on the move from any part of the world.


We want to cultivate the idea that home technology does not need to be complicated or over-intrusive, but it can work in our favor and help us organize our most overwhelming tasks.


We listen and adapt all our services and applications to the needs and desires of our customers. We provide the best possible tech solution for each designated space, whether a luxury residential assemble, hotel, office or industrial building. Most of all, we target offering seamless control to all of our products beneficiaries.

Anca Marginean, Ph.D
Business Development - anca@innovpad.com

Focused, driven, with over 10 years of experience in the tech business world, with a passion for science and social causes, Anca wants to change the world.

Ioan Bercea
CTO - tech@innovpad.com

The Brainiac of our team, funny with a touch of sarcasm, robots builder and destroyer, with a strange curiosity towards everything electrifying.

Flaviu Curelariu
Account Manager EMEA - flaviu@innovpad.com

Flaviu is an individual who craves success and thrives on developing new ideas to aid others. He likes to travel the world and has a passion for anything automotive.

Andrei Moldovan
Collaborative Designer

Andrei is our top-notch designer, incredibly talented and responsible, with an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful things.