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Smart Apartment Control

A First Glimpse Into Innovspaces

We are live and eager to bring to the market the concept of Innovspaces. As the online world has been flooded lately by notions such as IoT, smart homes, robots and gadgets presented a miraculous solutions to improve our daily lives, a significant aspect was neglected: we are already overwhelmed by the plethora of apps and information coming to our phones and laptops that we still need to process, categorize and filter.

Our company comes with a vision and a solution which is based on alienating some of the data flow and endow the spaces we are living with smart capabilities of controlling at least parts of our chores. Combining parts of the well established smart technologies with A.I. capabilities, we present a control console for smart living spaces and management of activities and services provided within them.  For hotels and residential areas, the console would allow guests, residents or tenants to easily manipulate the devices within their homes, but at the same time get easy access to available services, while property managers and owners can keep a close connection with their customers and a better control over their businesses. The same scenario applies for restaurants, hopsitals or office buildings and even industrial spaces. We don’t want to offer a simple app, but a unique experience, an innovative way of living.

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